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Leverage your competencies with superior communication skills

Professional presentations and rhetorics significantly improve your perceived competence. Consequently, a supreme reputation increases your impact on patients, relatives, colleagues, and superiors. Therefore, compelling communication skills can be a major driver for your career.

“Obviously, some books seem to be written not to educate the reader,
but to show that the author was educated.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832

Converting factual scientific Lectures into an engaging Interaction

Some speakers seem to aim at drawing a complete picture of their entire work rather than transferring knowledge or interacting with the audience. Those presentations often disregard the most basic principles of rhetoric and good multimedia design. Simple features of fascinating body language are not employed either.

Nevertheless, great speakers like Steve Jobs, Benjamin Zander, Bill Gates, Guilia Enders, or Daniel Pink have proven that even scientific facts and figures can be presented in an engaging, inspiring, and personal way.

EDUCATE YOUR AUDIENCE: Become a top speaker in three steps

Step 1
Storytelling: The structure of a convincing presentation

Step 2

Simple, yet aesthetic multimedia-design​

Step 3

Rhetorics and body language

Increase your perceived competence with professional presentations

This course is about techniques to create an exciting structure for a scientific presentation, easy to use rhetorical, and effective body language. In addition, you learn basic techniques for quick, aesthetic, and goal-oriented design of medical and scientific presentations. All principles and tools have proven to work well with scientific presentations. Thus, professional presentation and rhetorics significantly improve your perceived competence.

Content of the course

Section 1


  • Introduction
  • Strategic considerations
  • Structure of a presentation
  • Basic principles of dramaturgy
  • Tricks for effective storytelling
  • Presenting in different scenarios: live vs online, lectures, seminars, conferences, audits, progress reports, meetings

Section 2


  • Basic design principles
  • Colors, forms, and semantics
  • Using images and photographs
  • Using grids
  • Didactic support
  • Faster creation of slides
  • The ultimate design goal: clean slides/ poster that support your message

Section 3


  • Preparation of your talk
  • Principles of compelling body language
  • Gestures and facial expressions
  • Paraverbal components of communication
  • The power of clothing
  • Employing the stage

Working on your presentation: Executive Coaching


We invite you to download all the material used in the course. Your first assignment would then be to draft the outline of your presentation and to create the first version of your slide deck.

What are your most pressing issues that you like to solve with your new tools?

Coaching #1

In the first coaching session we will go through your outline and draft and jointly sharpen the strategy if necessary.

The goal is to create a “ready-to-go” task list to optimize your presentation with you.


You are now equipped to implement the strategy and aesthetic adjustments to your slides.

In this phase it is recommended to do some pre-tests with your friends and family.
  • Is the presentation already understandable?
  • What is the key message that your test-audience can grasp?
  • Do you experience obvious issues?
  • Are you able to present your story fluidly?

Coaching #2

Finally, you report the first results and we discuss what works well and what needs further adjustments.

Are there still any flaws in the continuity of your presentation or graphical impurities?

Eventually, we jointly fine-tune the choreography and analyze your personal presentation style in an online-meeting.

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Our guarantees

Substantial content

The course comprises 3 sections that contain immediately applicable content.

Even if you have never taken any management education before, you will be able to follow and implement our content because we break business tools down for easy use by doctors and nurses, which will ascertain a maximum value-per-time ratio.

Clinically approved

In all sections, we exclusively offer tools and methods that we applied in hospitals and in our own scientific work.

We got our things going by using the principles and tools from the lessons and you will accomplish this, too.

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No plugins, no extra software will be required except for a microphone and a camera if you go for the EXECUTIVE edition, which contains some communication parts.

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