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Combining the best of two high-performance healthcare systems: Germany and India

The differences between Germany`s and India`s healthcare systems are fundamental
The healthcare systems in Germany and India labor under fundamentally different conditions. Specific approaches in management and healthcare are, therefore, required to succeed in each system. Healthcare finds itself under enormous economic pressure in both countries, which is flanked by significantly different socio-cultural as well as epidemiologic factors. It is obvious that pressure comes in a completely different dimension in India with its 1.3 billion population and a per-head expenditure for healthcare of 63 US$ compared to Germany with 82 million inhabitants and average spending of 5,618 US$ per capita. Besides, the mainly private financing (out-of-the-pocket) of patient care in India in contrast to Germany`s comprehensive insurance system and the complex G-DRG-system account for considerable impact on the necessary medical management.

Pragmatism vs. maximum care
Pragmatism and efficiency are required to be the major principles in India, facing the vast number of patients who are in need of healthcare in a situation of limited personnel and infrastructural resources. On the other side, safety and (innovative) maximum care determine the clinical care, the process management, and the hospitals` organization in Germany.

Combining the best of two systems
Hannover-Medical.Management has the unique privilege to combine the experience and skill sets gained from both systems, that are similarly performant under the respective circumstances. The multi-national and interprofessional extension of the often locally confined perspective on hospital strategy, organization, and personal development provides considerable value for healthcare leaders all around the world. Herewith, we can offer a versatile training and coaching portfolio in clinic management that is applicable in especially challenging scenarios.

Foundation of Hannover-Medical.Management
Sudhakar Jayaram and Tobias Schilling first met in 2018 during a congress for aortic surgery in Hannover Medical School, Germany. They soon realized that they have similar attitudes and share the same fundamental values in life. Even though both were educated in significantly different healthcare systems, they found that they pursue the same principles of medical management in the respective countries. Hence, Sudhakar and Tobias decided to pool their experiences, which led to a broad and synergistic spectrum of medical management and leadership tools, from which healthcare providers and hospital managers worldwide could benefit. Consequently, Sudhakar Jayaram and Dr. Tobias Schilling founded Hannover-Medical.Management, a consulting and training firm that exclusively specializes in improving the healthcare professionals` life.