Communication is key to a successful career in healthcare. It defines how patients, colleagues, employees, superiors, and partners value your competencies.

Insufficient communication masks your top performance, therewith, at best, slows down your career. It also impairs the patients` trust. There is evidence, that lack of confidence in the caregivers leads to less optimal healing.

Hence, parts of this course aim to improve your communication skills and to foster your relationship skills that can be used both in professional and in private life.

Presentation Skills are Crucial in Healthcare

Healthcare professionals should master the art of effective and compelling communication. Vermeier et al. found that poor communication can lead to discontinuity of care, compromise of patient safety, and patient dissatisfaction. The authors analyzed 69 studies on communication quality in healthcare and concluded that bad communication patterns cause inefficient use of valuable resources.

Moreover, lack of sovereign communication skills is detrimental to healthcare professionals` careers. With that said, it is even less understandable why physicians, nurses, and hospital managers waste a larger part of their efficacy by careless talks and presentations. As long as leadership, management, interaction with patients, scientific discourse, and not least personal reputation mainly rely on compelling communication, healthcare professionals should aim to refine those skills.

Unfortunately, good communication skills are extensively prevalent neither in healthcare nor in most other parts of life, which presents itself abundantly clear in in multiple situtations everyday.

“Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing.
If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of very part of your life”

Brian Tracy, * 1944

Scope of the course

Our course is in line with best-selling author Brian Tracy`s belief that communication can be learned. It is divided into three sections:

Section 1


Section 2


Section 3


What makes a good presentation?

We list attributes in different quality categories and therewith support you in setting your specific ideal presentation that later will serve as your guideline.

It then will be discussed whether the characteristics of an excellent presentation can be transferred to everyday communication. This part of the discussion is intended to create awareness for every form of positive social interactions in healthcare.

Straightforward, honest, loving, respectful, and appropriate dialogues undoubtedly improve everybody`s professional and personal life.

Pick communication tools that Integrate seamlessly with your character

This course aims to equip you with an arsenal to create your personal presentation and communication style that effectively features your unique selling proposition.

By picking only those tools and techniques that make you feel comfortable, you will develop robust communication techniques, which will serve you as a career supporting brand in healthcare.

We focus exclusively on principles and tools that have been proven to be useful in healthcare and science communications.

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