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Balancing Economics and Medicine for improved outcomes

Economic pressure often is regarded as detrimental to health care quality because the care providers may be influenced by the financials.

Inappropriate indications, too early or too many procedures, as well as too early discharge from hospitals, could lead to fatal consequences for the patients.

On the other hand, there is evidence that lean management and straightforward process optimization result in better medical results and subsequently improved economic outcomes.

We would like to help you solving this dilemma between medicine and economics with this practical course.

“The medical profession will be a free profession or it will not be.”

Giovanni Maio, *1964

Content and goal of the Course

Financial burden impairs medical outcomes
The financial burden correlates with the hospitals` ownership. In emerging economies, e.g., there is a growing trend toward privatization. In markets like India, almost 70% of all the care provided is in the private sector. Typically, such hospitals tend to be more fee for service-oriented.

It is possible that financial outcomes may sometimes outweigh clinical outcomes in such an environment.

Balancing economic parameters and healthcare quality
This course grants a basic yet pragmatic understanding of clinically relevant controlling principles and entrepreneurial risk management. We search for the key performance indicators for balanced overall hospital performance and suitable assessment of parameters pertinent to the daily routine.

Hospital Economics: 4 practical sections

This course will equip medical professionals to have a meaningful and logical dialogue with their CFOs and board members on financial matters.
  • Understanding the sources of conflicts between hospital economics and medicine
  • Understanding and incentivizing healthcare professionals
  • The impact of consumerism and positioning on hospital economics and profitability

  • Hospital economics
  • Costs and costing in hospitals
  • The hospital Return-on-Investment circuit
  • The Balanced ScoreCard (BSC) and key financial indicators
  • Interpreting balance sheets and the impact of EBITDA on hospital management
  • Value in healthcare
  • Pricing and RCM
  • The DRG system
  • Capital structure and financing
  • Valuation of hospitals
  • Financial behavior and responses during a crisis

Architecture of the course`S sections

Each section of the the course follows our common didactic architecture:
The course includes our worldwide unique Hannover-Medical.Management Manual: free-of-charge downloadable tools, checklists, templates, and pathways.
Your personalized Medical Management Manual

The Hannover-Medical.Management Manual: Your 360-days Management guideline

Every training should create sustainable positive effects. Online courses or webinars should provide measurable results in a personal or professional context.

Hence, we have developed the Hannover-Medical.Management Manual to facilitate the practical application of our courses.

This manual is a constantly evolving collection of
  • checklists
  • work templates
  • project plans, and
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It guides you to implement all the tools and principles from the course into your clinical routine.

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Even if you have never taken any management education before, you will be able to follow and implement our content because we break business tools down for easy use by doctors and nurses.

Clinically approved

In all sections, we exclusively offer tools and methods that we applied in hospitals and in our own scientific work.

We got our things going by using the principles and tools from the lessons and you will accomplish this, too.

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