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Measurable results
All clinic management activities should lead to measurable results. Therefore, our courses will focus on the practical implementation of effective management tools.

Focus on applicable knowledge
We exclusively introduce you to management, leadership, and business tools that are immediately applicable in the daily clinical routine.

Your shortcut to professional hospital management skills
The Hannover Medical Management training system saves you the time and the money for effortful MBA studies or mostly rather unspecific generic management courses.

Our course program

  • What is strategy?
  • How to develop a strategy that matters in your hospital?
  • Tools for strategy development and execution
  • Using business intelligence in hospitals
  • Develop a leadership style that fits your character
  • People empowerment
  • Interprofessional team integration
  • Lean management, and safety in hospitals.
  • Focus on improvements that add competitive advantage.
  • Systemize each process
  • Successful change management
  • Accounting and balancing in hospitals. 
  • Business terms translated for healthcare professionals
  • Improving profitability
  • Mitigating business and financial risks
  • Systemized self-positioning
  • Reputation management
  • Self-management
  • Convincing rethorics and presentation techniques that work in healthcare
  • Negotiation principles for success in hospitals and beyond

Architecture of the courses and sections

The course includes our worldwide unique Hannover-Medical.Management Manual: free-of-charge downloadable tools, checklists, templates, and pathways.

The Hannover-Medical.Management Manual: Your 360-days Management guideline

Every training should create sustainable positive effects. Online courses or webinars should provide measurable results.

To facilitate the implementing of the lessons learned, we have developed the Hannover-Medical.Management Manual.

This manual is a constantly evolving collection of
  • checklists
  • work templates
  • project plans, and
  • management & leadership tools.

It guides you to implement all the tools and principles from the course into your clinical routine.

Available course types

  • Classic on-site seminars
  • Live lectures
  • Online courses
  • Webinars


Your hospital management starter kit

This collection contains practical lessons from five relevant hospital management areas (strategy, leadership, performance improvement, economics, and personal branding).
It can serve as your starting point for your journey to professional hospital management skills.
The hospital management masterclass is the complete collection of all our PRO edition courses.
Additionally, you get access to the regular live Q`n`A sessions and are invited to interact with Hannover-Medical.Management faculty live.

Hospital strategy

Easy-to-use strategy development and execution tools. How to apply strategy development tools in the hospital setting. Development of a personal strategy manual.
“How-to-lead-in-my-hospital.” Capitalizing on individual character and temperament to develop a unique leadership style. Creating an individual leadership toolbox for leadership in your hospital.

Performance improvement program

Initiation and set up of an efficient performance improvement program. Applicable business principles for healthcare professionals without any precedent business education.

Creating a safe hospital for patients and personnel to achieve excellent medical and economic outcomes.

Hospital economics

Basics of medical and financial control measures. Equipping medical professionals for a sovereign dialogue with their CFOs and board members on financial matters. Balancing finance and medicine. Ways to better medicine under economic burden.

Internal and external microsystems` responsibility for hospital outcomes. Setting up a comprehensive enterprise-wide risk management system. A holistic responsibility framework with roles for every stakeholder of the hospital.

Personal development

Healthcare professionals should master the art of effective and compelling communication. This course introduces you to basic techniques for a goal-oriented structure of a presentation, an easy to use rhetoric arsenal and recommendations for an effective use of body language.

Personal development

A successful career in the healthcare sector relies on good medical expert knowledge, of course, but also on a stable inter-professional network, and, not least, on successful daily negotiations in the hospital.

We introduce you to basic terms of the art of negotiation according to the principles of the world`s renowned and top negotiation experts, which we combined with our long-term experience in hospital management.

Personal development

Medical studies well prepare the students for future medical questions and tasks.

However, a successful career not only depends on medical expert knowledge and skills, but on vocational positioning and strategy, professional communication, and healthcare-specific diplomatic competencies.

Personal development

A step-by-step guideline on lean project management, goal-oriented mindset, and efficient use of technology.

The course aims to improve the probability of your project`s success and save a significant amount of time (up to 2 months of net working time) when working on your thesis.