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Available course types

We deliver all our courses as classic on-site seminars, live lectures, online courses, and webinars.

On-site seminars

All courses can be hosted as traditional onsite seminars in your hospital or any other convention center of your choice.

Live webinars

Live webinars can be configured as brief lectures for an overview of selected topics or as a multi-hour live-seminar with intensive interaction with the participants.

Online courses

Online courses provide comprehensive lessons incl. full checklists, 360-days-manuals on the topic, post-course follow-up, and official certificates.

Seamless integration of medical management lectures for your team

Our live lectures are spotlights on the content. You can host the lectures as keynote speeches or as part of your seminars.

Online courses

We are, of course, aware that healthcare professionals lack of time for an extensive additional vocational education. Therefore, we created online courses that, first, allow for flexibly scheduled and self-paced learning. Second, the courses provide you with a competitive advantage as early as tomorrow because we focus on content that is immediately applicable in your daily clinical routine.

It is one of Hannover-Medical.Management`s key principles to empower healthcare professionals with a systemized personal development in each step of their career. Hence, we would be happy to contribute to your career, too.

Our established online coureses can be tested free of charge and come with absolutely zero risks and no further obligations (no subscription!) for you.

Pick only the content that you really need.

Some courses integrate step-by-step coaching from our experts via online communciation.

All you need is a webbrowser and access to the internet. For interactive session a microphone and a webcam is recommended. Built-in devices of notebooks, tablets, and mobile phones suffice.

The courses are split into separate modules of approximately 30 minutes each.  This segmentation facilitates participation despite the immense workload in the hospital. So, you can schedule your learning progress according to your  available time. Some modules require your active contribution and work on excercises like the development of individual strategies, manuals, or management toolboxes.

Our segmented course design helps you to plan your learning, excercising, and working phases extremely flexible. 

  • No further obligations.
  • No hidden fees.
  • No in-app purchase.
  • No subscription.
  • 30-day-money-back-guarantee.