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“Every righteous and serious act, of which purpose and profession in the beginning seem dubious, but both will find themselves clear and accomplished at the end.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832

What you are not told in medical education

Medical studies well prepare the students for future medical questions and tasks as young physicians, especially since more and more practical elements are being integrated into the curriculum of the medical studies. Very early and close interactions with patients characterize medical education in many universities nowadays.

However, a successful career not only depends on medical expert knowledge and skills, but on vocational positioning and strategy, professional communication, and diplomatic competencies. Thus, basic managerial abilities would support young physicians` careers significantly. Moreover, non-systematic self-management may lead to an impaired job statisfaction and work-life-balance, which can be prevented easily by considering simple management principles.

Unfortunately, there are no slots in the medical studies to educate young healthcare professionals in hospital-specific diplomacy, career-boosting behavior, or mastering the often stressful clinical routines.

Hence, Hannover-Medical.Management introduces medical students and residents to the basic techniques and tips that are necessary beyond medical expert knowledge to start a successful career and reach all individual vocational goals.

This module, therefore, aims to prepare the participants for everyday challenging situations in the physicians` work, which will facilitate a stress-less entry into the best job of the world.

Foci of the Course

  • Physicians` basic attitude
  • Dealing with senior physicians and other superiors.
  • Professional relationship management in hospitals
  • Efficient daily organization
  • Self-management
  • Mastering the terrifying emergency room
  • Optimal preparation for the first night shifts
  • Career planning

Availabe Options and modi

Live online lecturesLive online coursesExecutive coursesOnline coursesOn-site courses
Duration 2 hoursHospital management square grey 12Hospital management square grey 12Hospital management square grey 12
Duration 4 hours
Duration 8 hours
Max. number of participants240unlimitedunlimited
Development of 360-days-handbook
1 month digital communication follow-up
Executive coaching
ChecklistsHospital management square grey 12Hospital management square grey 12Hospital management square grey 12
CertificateHospital management square grey 12Hospital management square grey 12