Name of projectMediciti
LocationKathmandu, Nepal
ClientNepal Mediciti Hospital
Classification700 bed quaternary care hospital
Stem the flow of Nepali citizens going across the border for medical treatments. Building a high-quality healthcare ecosystem to create confidence of the local citizens in diagnosis and treatment
  • The primary objective of commissioning Nepal Mediciti was to stem the flow of Nepali citizens going across the border (mostly to India) for Medical Treatments. There was a huge demand to build a high-quality healthcare ecosystem that will provide the confidence to the local citizens of quality diagnosis and scientifically based treatment protocols, so that these citizens remain in the country, thereby preserving precious FOREX, and also having care closer to home
  • SJ was the CEO of Mediciti, a 750-bed quaternary care hospital in Kathmandu.
  • Has been involved from project conception to commissioning and leading the Execution.
  • This was one of his most challenging assignments, as it involved running a profitable enterprise whilst making a positive impact on the healthcare landscape in the country.
  • Designed Medical Programmes and ensured alignment with the doctors and Key Management Personnel
  • Efforts ensured that the hospital became one of the leading destinations of health care in the region
  • Established an Enterprise wide Risk Management Program
  • Established Comprehensive KPI’s and Balanced Scorecard
  • Deployed programs for performance improvement and profitability enhancement
  • Developed new programs like Transplant Medicine & Oncology
  • Developed Comprehensive Programs around Enterprise and Strategy
  • Programs for Performance Improvement
  • Programs on Patient Engagement and Patient Safety