Name of projectDolma
LocationKathmandu, Nepal
ClientDolma Impact Fund
ClassificationPrivate equity firm
Hospital repositioning as a centre of excellence.
Development of new medical program strategies.
Strategy development with focus on governance, leadership, and direction.
  • Dolma is a private equity firm that invests in emerging markets
  • One of the portfolio companies that Dolma has invested in is a tertiary care hospital based out of Kathmandu. The hospital was dysfunctional due to lack of alignment at the board level and with various stakeholders. The charter was to secure alignment around a common goal to reposition the hospital as a centre of excellence in the areas of GI, HPB and Renal Transplantation
  • Development of new medical program strategies
  • Implementation of a clear Organogram that distinguishes between governance, leadership and direction and
  • A complete turnaround programme spanning Enterprise Strategy, Biomedical Strategy, HR strategy, Marketing, Medical Programmes including Quality and Safety to ensure a rapid turnaround process to enhance Profitability, Performance and Medical Outcomes