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Negotiation in healthcare and beyond

The impact of negotiations on your carreer in healthcare

Negotiations can have a significant positive impact on or delay careers in countless situations. Assuming that you would achieve only 5-10% better results in all daily negotiations, these benefits add up to noticeable improvements over the course of your career and even your lifetime.

A successful career in the healthcare sector relies on good medical expert knowledge, of course, but also on a stable inter-professional network, and, not least, on successful daily negotiations in the hospital.

Bargaining in a hospital takes place every day on many occasions, such as discussion about resources, operating theatre times, ward rounds, task assignments, patient admissions and discharges, and personal matters such as the increase of salary or promotions.

Unfortunately, the actors in healthcare often do not get the most out of these daily bargaining situations, albeit professional negotiations would be beneficial for the medical personnel as well as for the patients` sake, and, in consequence, for the hospital`s economic prosperity. According to the Havard principle, the secret of successful negotiations does not lie in one partner taking advantage over the other. On the contrary, it should be every negotiations` goal to achieve the best result for every negotiating party.

Negotiations define the relationship with other people

Also, successful negotiations may improve your relationship with other people. Unfortunately, physicians and nurses, who are not always used to negotiating, sometimes feel uncomfortable in bargaining situations. They are worried about jeopardizing their relationship with the other party, are scared of negative consequences, or do not know whether they have sufficient negotiating skills.

Therefore, healthcare professionals sometimes accept prices and conditions without negotiation and take – usually gnashing their teeth – substantial disadvantages.

On the other hand, there are quite a few situations where you are even expected to negotiate the conditions. If you do not bargain in these expectations, you run the risk of appearing weak in the eyes of your negotiating partners and of losing respect, which significantly impairs the relationship.

The Hannover-Medical.Management negotiation principles for healthcare professionals, hence, focus on broadening the perspective on negotiation and how to use fair tactics, which will ascertain compelling results like 70%:70% or better, rather than the usual dissatisfying 50%:50%.

We are happy that a lot of the seminars` participants report that they have successfully applied the lessons in their professional and their privat life and increasingly achieved improvements in both sectors.
“A sovereign negotiation technique can make both your professional and private life much easier: you will achieve better results and gain a better relationship with other people.
After this course, you will have negotiating techniques that allow you to at least see through experienced negotiators.”

Scope of the course

The course is divided into five sections:

Section 1

Introduction, know yourself

Section 2


Section 3

The power

Section 4

Strategies & tactics

Section 5


In all sections, we focus exclusively on tools and methods that we successfully applied in hospitals and in our own scientific work. This curriculum, therefore, provides you with negotiation knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable in your daily, both professional and private life.

We will illustrate classic tactical maneuvers in negotiations. You, then, can decide which technique you will choose from this toolbox and implement into your personal negotiations and which you don`t. Some negotiation tactics you may find just useful to detect in threatening or frightening scenarios, in which your negotiation partner tries to put pressure on you or tries to take advantage of you.

Eventually, we will provide insights on how well functioning, long-term relationships with colleagues, partners, industry firms, and other stakeholders combined with goal-oriented communication strategies will improve the results of your negotiations and also will free you from the stress or fear of bargaining.

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