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Enhancing performance in
the day-to-day clinical routine

Top performance is of major relevance to successfully execute the hospital`s or departments` strategy.

On the other hand, arbritrary performance improvement projects in the hospital bear the risk of losing focus and wasting energy for less meaningful activities.

Hence, the identification of processes that require improvement AND matter for the hospital`s strategy is the first step on your route to peak performance.

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The course capitalizes on parts of our unique Hannover-Medical.Management Manual:
Your personalized Medical Management Manual

The Hannover-Medical.Management Manual: Your 360-days Management guideline

Every training should create sustainable positive effects. Online courses or webinars should provide measurable results in a personal or professional context.

Hence, we have developed the Hannover-Medical.Management Manual to facilitate the practical application of our courses.

This manual is a constantly evolving collection of
  • checklists
  • work templates
  • project plans, and
  • management & leadership tools.
It guides you to implement all the tools and principles from the course into your clinical routine.

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The course contains immediately applicable content, which ascertains a maximum value-per-time-ratio.

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We exclusively offer tools and methods that we applied in hospitals and in our own scientific work.

We got our things going by using the principles and tools from the lessons and you will accomplish this, too.

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