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We are delighted that you are participating in our Essentials of hospital management series.

We are very interested in your opinion about the course and therefore would like to ask you to participate in a short survey that will take no more than 3 minutes of your time.

It is only through your constructive criticism that we can improve our offering. We are of course also happy about positive feedback ­čśë

Also, on this page you will find the download link for the Hannover-Medical.Manual with the tools presented in the courses.

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Sudhakar and Tobias
Your personalized Medical Management Manual
Every training should create sustainable positive effects. Online courses or webinars should provide measurable results in a personal or professional context.

Hence, we have developed the Hannover-Medical.Management Manual to facilitate the practical application of our courses. This manual is a constantly evolving collection of
  • checklists
  • work templates
  • project plans, and
  • management & leadership tools.

It guides you to implement all the management principles from the courses into your clinical routine.
  • Management and leadership at the highest professional level
  • Do not worry about planning and execution of management measures.
  • Considering┬áthe time constraints of doctors, nurses, and hospital managers.
  • Easy-to-use toolset (No degree in business or economics required.)
  • Business and leadership tools adjusted to the needs of healthcare professionals.

We support you in customizing the manual for your individual situation in our webinars and courses. After this customization, the Hannover-Medical.Management Handbook provides an individualized, supportive guideline that facilitates your specific management and management tasks in the hospital’s work-dense clinical life.