"We introduce you to management, leadership, and business tools in four healthcare-relevant management areas.
The lessons are immediately applicable in the daily clinical routine explicitly considering the workload and time constraints of physicians, nurses, and hospital managers."

Why professional management improves not only your medical and financial results but also your personal life

McKinsey and the London School of Economics and Political Science assessed the correlation between hospitals` management and their economic and medical results*.

The authors developed a management score and measured parameters like return on investment, patient satisfaction, EBITDA, income per bed and the like. The study revealed that hospitals with a superior management score excelled in all quality dimensions. There was even a significant 6% advantage in the mortality rate of patients after a heart attack in hospitals with better management.

Besides, our personal experience indicates, that the all-time demanding clinical workload in a hospital can be better mastered with an efficient arsenal of professional management tools.

Moreover, physicians, nurses, and hospital managers should be encouraged to develop a straightforward career strategy, employ clinically approved business principles, and improve their self-marketing and communication skills.

Consequently, a better work-life-balance should yield a better overall performance of the staff.

Healthcare relevant management areas

In this series we focus on providing valuable, on-the-ground, and applicable knowledge in four healthcare-relevant management areas.

The architecture of all our lessons aims to provide content that you can use immediately after the event. As healthcare professionals we know exactly that you need to spend your time wisely. Education is meant to have a significant and measurable impact.

Don`t worry: neither will we use complicated economic language nor will we challenge you with abstract busines theories. In fact, we will break down all business principles and terminology to make you feel very comfortable with using your new skills in your daily work.

Our goal is to get you some real value out of each minute spent in the class.

Strategy & Leadership

Tools for strategy development and execution. Development of an effective leadership style that fits your character.

Performance improvement program

Focus on improvements that add value. Interprofessional team integration.

Understanding hospital economics

Accounting and balancing in hospitals. Business terms translated for healthcare professionals.

Personal & professional development

Life and career boosts by effective and systematic self-positioning, reputation management, and self-branding

From Risk-free testing to executive coaching

FREE edition

The lessons of the FREE edition will give you an impression of our content, style, and quality, yet providing valuable, immediately applicable content.

The courses emphasize selected topics of hospital management, which will be covered in depth utilizing our Hannover-Medical.Management Manual.

PRO edition

The PRO edition spans more topics and advanced lessons in the four healthcare-relevant management and leadership areas.

It was designed for healthcare professionals to inspire a quick improvement of their management and leadership performance.


The EXECUTIVE coaching will eventually help you to overcome possible obstacles and catalyzes the process of your transformation.

We will guide you through the application of your new tools step-by-step, and we will discuss each measurement in person with you.
Essentials of hospital management: from risk-free testing to executive coaching

Curriculum of the series

Context setting

Who are we? What are your most pressing needs in hospital management? Why is management in hospitals so challenging? How to get the proper mindset for successful hospital management? What can you expect from this webinar series?

FREE edition

  • Dismantling the hospital`s complexity
  • Attitude of healthcare professionals

PRO edition

  • Dismantling the hospital`s complexity
  • Attitude of healthcare professionals
  • Balancing the hospital`s stakeholders conflicting interests
  • Aligning hospital key components
  • The impact of management on medical and economic outcomes

Strategy in healthcare

A unique strategy for your hospital, your clinic or your personal positioning in the health care market is crucial for sustainable success. The execution of any strategy then requires the disciplined and consequent application of management instruments.

FREE edition

  • Analytical tools for strategy development

PRO edition

  • Analytical tools for strategy development
  • Strategic frameworks
  • Strategy development
  • Stratgey execution and evaluation

Leadership in hospitals

The medical and economic outcome of any healthcare institution significantly rely on its personnel. Leading healthcare professionals to maximum performance requires an individualized strategy that fits your and your team’s character.

FREE edition

  • Styles of leadership

PRO edition

  • Styles of leadership
  • Assesing your team`s performance
  • Identifying your level of leadership
  • Creating a personnel development plan for your team
  • Improving your perceived leadership skills today

Performance improvement

It is easy to lose perspective in a hospital’s complexity with its ubiquitous need for improvement of structures and processes. Thus, key performance parameters that really matter need to be efficiently optimized in the face of lack of time and money.

FREE edition

  • Creating entrepreneurial culture: the trust-performance correlation

PRO edition

  • Creating entrepreneurial culture: the trust-performance correlation
  • How to get the best results for the
    patients and your team with limited resources?
  • Some organizations outperform their peers: A simple concept with great leverage.

Hospital economics

The hospital`s optimal diagnosis and treatment of the patients require sustainable economic results. In this webinar, you will receive some impulses on how to balance carefully between medicine and economics with strategic and operative measures.

FREE edition

  • Basic profit & loss accounting in a hospital

PRO edition

  • Basic profit & loss accounting in a hospital
  • Introduction of clinically relevant controlling principles & parameters
  • Getting healthcare professionals and administration on the same page.

Personal branding

Effective communication not only fosters patient safety and satisfaction, but also the professional careers of care providers. This webinar suggests creating a personal brand as a doctor, nurse, or hospital manager to capitalize on your positive reputation.

FREE edition

  • Definition of your unique selling proposition and brand building

PRO edition

  • Definition of your unique selling proposition and brand building
  • Exploiting communication channels
  • A professional relationship to the press improves your and the hospital`s leverage.

Architecture of the courses

Architecture of the webinars

All courses include our worldwide unique Hannover-Medical.Management Manual: free-of-charge downloadable tools, checklists, templates, and pathways.

The Hannover-Medical.Management Manual: Your 360-days Management guideline

We are convinced that any training should create sustainable positive effects. Online courses or webinars should provide measurable results in a personal or professional context.

Hence, we have developed the Hannover-Medical.Management Manual to facilitate the practical application of our courses.

This manual is a constantly evolving collection of
  • checklists
  • work templates
  • project plans, and
  • management & leadership tools.
It guides you to implement all the management and leadership principles from the courses into your clinical routine.

Executive Coaching after Classes: Your personal support

We offer live support in applying the lessons of the courses in your personal situation.
You may select some pressing issues in your hospital and together, we will find the proper angle to use the tools from the courses.
The executive workshop will help you to overcome possible obstacles and catalyzes the process of your transformation.
We will guide you through applying your new tools step-by-step, and we will discuss each measurement in person with you.

Eventually, you will not only hold a manual that enables you to carry out management and leadership tasks very professionally even despite the high workload in the hospital; but you will see your new skills and tools in action.

Concept executive coaching

Architecture of the executive Coaching


We invite you to download all the material used in the webinar. Your first assignment would then be to identify your most pressing issue that you like to solve with your new tools.

Don`t worry: we will not leave you alone with this task, but equip you with tools to run an effective detection of relevant change projects.

Coaching #1

In the first coaching session we will plan, draft, and initiate the measurements introduced in the webinars.

The goal is to create a “ready-to-go” management or leadership project with you.


You are now equipped to implement the plan in your hospital.

We recommend initiating a pre-test to gain experience with your new tools and see how everything plays out. First results often indicate helpful adjustments. Only then you go for the main race, which we will assess in our second coaching.

Coaching #2

Finally, you report the first results and we discuss what worked well and what needs further adjustments.

Eventually, we jointly create an evaluation system and look out for measures to ascertain sustainability.

Our guarantees

Substantial Content

The series comprises 6 online courses using the Hannover-Medical.Management Manual.

Even if you have never taken any management education before, you will be able to follow and implement our content because we break business tools down for easy use by doctors and nurses.

Clinically approved

In all sections, we exclusively offer tools and methods that we applied in hospitals and in our own scientific work.

We got our things going by using the principles and tools from the lessons and you will accomplish this, too.

No subscription

The webinar series: essentials of hospital management – FREE edition comes totally free of charge.

There are no hidden fees and no further obligations at all alongside the FREE, the PRO, and the EXECUTIVE edition.

Technical Specs

All you need is a device with an internet browser and a stable internet connection.

No plugins, no extra software will be required.


Dr. med. Tobias Schilling, MBA (Portrait)

Tobias Schilling,

Tobias Schilling,  studied medicine in Hannover and finished his thesis on “Tissue Engineering of bioartificial heart valve prostheses”. After an assignment as a surgeon in the department for cardiothoracic, transplantation, and vascular surgery of Hannover Medical School he inaugurated the clinic management of this department in 2007.

The turnover of the department with its 500 employees increased from 42 M € in 2007 to 74 M € in 2018. Even though this result can certainly not be attributed exclusively to the department`s innovative clinic management, it at least indicates a positive effect of a dedicated decentralized management structure in a large scale clinic.

Dr. Schilling runs several scientific projects financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the fields of clinic management, health economics, research management, and tissue engineering in close collaboration with the Leibniz University Hannover, the University of Rostock, and the University of Greifswald.

The State University Nicolae Testemitanu in Chisinau, Moldova granted him the title “Visiting Professor” in 2011 for his work on the economic impact of migration on hospitals.

Dr. Schilling founded a startup company for strategy, management, and communication with special focus on internet applications in 1998. He gained vast experience from a plethora of successful and non-successful strategic, operational, academic, and scientific projects in industry as well as in academia.
Sudhakar Jayaram, B.E., MBA

Sudhakar Jayaram,

SJ has significant experience in implementing leading-edge projects focused on Healthcare and Technology. He has a successful track record of over 25 years working across geographies including India, China, Nepal, UAE, and the USA.

His key competencies include critical thinking, risk assessment, and integrating business models/policies with a sharp focus on design and execution. He has been able to consistently deliver positive Clinical and Financial Outcomes in all his assignments.

His ability to align key stakeholders and build meaningful medical programs by balancing medicine and economics has been the key to his success in emerging markets.

SJ has been helping healthcare enterprises with their digital transformation strategies led by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medicine.

Starting 2018, SJ co-founded Hannover-Medical.Management with Dr. Tobias Schilling to offer premium courses on medical management to practitioners who required immediately applicable practical management tools

Additional Expertise:
  • AI in medicine
  • hospital planning and commissioning
  • early detection and preventive programs
  • health economics
  • digital strategy

Christina Müschen,

Christina Müschen is a senior manager with decades of professional experience in strategic communications, public relations, politics, lobbying, governance, sustainability, human resources, change management, and coaching in corporate organizations and the political sector.

A spokesperson for the European Commission and a major global company, she used to work with media markets worldwide, focusing on crisis communication, strategic partnerships, and product launches.

She is a professional presenter, moderator, and interview expert. Her clientele spans politicians and senior managers. She works for an international corporate enterprise based in Germany.

As a change manager and coach, she currently successfully supports structural, procedural, technical or personal changes. She utilizes a dedicated change methodology and coaches by the key principles of the international coaching federation. Her coaching focus here is transformational coaching.

Christina has a degree in European Studies from Essex University/UK and a Master’s Degree in Eastern European Politics from Freie Universität Berlin/Germany.

She speaks several languages, is a trained Yoga teacher, and an active supporter of Start Social, a German NGO focusing on lifting social organizations’ full business potential.

Essentials of hospital management

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  • Immediate applicability in your hospital

Essentials of hospital management

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  • Advanced lessons in additional topics
  • Certificate
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Essentials of hospital management

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  • All features of the PRO edition
  • Executive coaching (2x live + email support)