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Online course instead of on-site seminar

Dear Professor Kalinke,
dear Mrs Bortenreuter,
dear Christiane,
dear colleagues and students,
dear TRAIN participants!

„Blended learning“ is a mix of in-person instruction and multimedia lessons that increasingly becomes part of academic education. The COVID-19 pandemic certainly was a strong catalyst for this transformation in the universities worldwide. Despite all the peculiarities of the current episode, I am happy and proud to offer you a valuable alternative to our seminar in the Twincore building even though I would have loved to talk to you in person these days.

Your personal negotiation toolbox
This online course aims to provide you with an arsenal of tools, methods, principles, and mindset for successful negotiations. Eventually, you will be able to pick carefully those elements from this arsenal that perfectly match your character and temperament. Thereby, you can develop a negotiation style that you are very comfortable with. Possible fear, suspension, or the feeling to act unnaturally in bargaining belong to the past from now on. Thus, your future positive and relaxed style of negotiation will not only improve the outcomes of your professional and private interactions with your environment but also has the potential to enhance the relationship to colleagues, employees, cooperation partners, superiors as well as to your family, friends and other private contacts.

The production of such an online course is more time-consuming than I expected and so I am sorry that we did not manage to offer you the complete course as of now. Nevertheless, you can already take the first part (out of five) of the course (approximately 1 hour) that is about the basic mindset, prerequisites, and quality of successful negotiations here. The missing lessons will follow approximately on the 6th of August this year.

I need your feedback
In case you have some critique or you miss something that would be useful in this course, please do not hesitate to tell me relentlessly.

Employees and members of Hannover Medical School, Leibniz University Hannover, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Laser center Hannover, NIFE, and the Technical University of Braunschweig can access our programme for free. Insofar, we need to convince other participants beyond these institutions of the quality of our services. For this purpose, your positive comments that I probably could publish on this website would be extremely helpful to me.

Thank you very much in advance and enjoy the course. I hope you will gain a lot of new insights into negotiation.


Tobias Schilling